Hand warmers – now powered by USB

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Turns out, almost anything you can think of is now powered by USB – from blankets to slippers, all sucking power from your computer via that USB port. Well, now, turns out you can add hand warmers to that list of USB-powered items made from China.

A store called Brando, and yes we have no idea if they are credible or not, are stocking these hand warmers that are designed to last for 2-3 hours if it is on high, or 3-4 hours if set to low. They are also rechargable, so you can reuse them. They are also, according to its features lists, “Environmental-friendly” and are safe (though, I still have doubts).

Why cover it? Dunno, maybe this is a test post for some stupid RSS feed pusher, or I just found it a bit wacky. Anyways, the price tag of the device is US$39 – not one of those cheap Chinese products. You can purchase it at the Brando store.