Rumour: Google to show off Android 3 Honeycomb next week?

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RUMOUR MILL: While we got a lot of details of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the version that has been designed for tablets in mind (and many tablets using Android are waiting for it), there is rumours that Google could be showing the “inner workings” of Honeycomb next week.

According to All Things D, the event – scheduled to take place next Wednesday – will show off many other pieces of the OS and will have hands-on demos to allow journalists to see if the OS is good or not, something that was not able to be done at the original announcement.

But, while we love learning some of the little tidbits of the OS, many tablets – such as the Motorola XOOM – are still awaiting for Honeycomb to be released officially, so Android’s desire to be a tablet OS rests in the hands of Google.

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