Egypt Protests: The scramble to get online begins

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Image: Al Jazeera English/Creative Commons

The internet may be blocked in Egypt, and what we can tell on Twitter, many of the other communication services are also down; but that hasn’t stopped many people trying to bypass the blocks, with many finding alternative services to disseminate information to the entire world.

While some are using virtual private networks or happen to be using Noor Data Networks, which provides data to the Egyptian Stock Exchange, as their ISP; some are even using the good old dial-up service.

A French company, French Data Networks, is offering free dial-up access to Egyptians, posting onto Twitter: “Free dialup internet access for egypt : on +33172890150 login toto password toto #jan25 #egypt MASS RT PLZ”.

As well, there has been a massive increase of the use of Tor in order to bypass the blocks. You can see the graph of the Tor increase below, taken from the Tor Metrics Portal:

Oh, and if you want some more reading this weekend – here’s an excellent article by our friends over at Ars Technica about how Egypt can shut down the entire Internet, and possibly even another government – such as ours.