British student protesters launch mobile app to avoid trouble

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While Egypt is amid protests, London is also facing another round of protests by students angry by their Government’s recent announcement of a rise in tuition fees. However, it appears modern technology will be taking a more active role, with a new mobile app designed to help them avoid trouble.

Sukey is designed to allow protesters to be protected and also informed. The mobile app is set to go live tomorrow on January 29 (January 30, Melbourne time) and is a web app – allowing a wide variety of phones access to the service – that will keep them up to date with live updates about any troubles between the police and protesters along the route of their protests.

It uses several APIs, such as Google Maps API, to highlight where there are trouble spots during the protest routes, based on your GPS location on your phone. It will also provide SMS alerts for those who have no web browser on their phones.

According to The Next Web, the developers are also working on a second edition that will allow protests around the UK to tap into the service, and even open-sourcing the project so many will be able to adapt it for their own protests. It does require an internet connection, but a project for the social good does get a lot of brownie points.