Egypt Protests: Internet is cut off, more to come soon?

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The Egyptian Government have now shut off all Internet connections coming to and from the country, just hours before a protest planned on Facebook. This comes after reports of the SMS network and the BlackBerry Messaging service had also been taken down by the Government.

The internet blackout was in response to an Associated Press video, posted just ten minutes before the Internet was cut off across Egypt, showed an Egyptian protester shot by the police.

According to the Arabist, it isn’t isolated to one ISP – but to all ISPs in the country, citing an anonymous person he knows in the country.

I just received a call from a friend in Cairo (I won’t say who it is now because he’s a prominent activist) telling me neither his DSL nor his USB internet service is working. I’ve just checked with two other friends in different parts of Cairo and their internet is not working either.

Reuters is also reporting that the some parts of Cairo are not having access to the Internet, while some are having disruptions in access to Facebook and Twitter. Spokesperson for the Egypt’s embassy in Washington DC, Karim Haggag, told Reuters that its country has not shut down access to those sites.

The blackout has also since been confirmed by CNN’s Ben Wederman.

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