Egypt Protests: Facebook, Twitter re-blocked, SMS network shut down by govt.

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Reports are now circulating that both Twitter and Facebook have now been re-blocked by the Egyptian government as protests in the country continue as it reaches its third day with calls for President Hosni Mubarak to leave his position.

According to the Herdict Report, there have been a rise to sites that have been listed as inaccessible, with Facebook and Twitter topping the list of sites inaccessible in the country. As well, it appears that the Government has shut down the SMS network in order to prevent protesters to communicate – as it was the SMS network that started the protests.

The block of Twitter and Facebook is to eliminate any possible way for protesters to communicate, but many are using proxies in order to bypass filters. A Facebook page announcing a new protest was able to attract 55,000 supporters in less than 24 hours after creation.

“Egypt’s Muslims and Christians will go out to fight against corruption, unemployment and oppression and absence of freedom,” one person said, being quoted on Reuters.

We are also hearing reports that the company has blocked access to the BlackBerry Internet Service, leaving BlackBerry users unable to connect to the Internet. However, some could still access the internet via applications. Again, this cannot be confirmed as most of the information is hearsay.

UPDATE [11:45AM]: Reports that have since been confirmed that Egypt has now issued an Internet blackout. You can read more here.