Screw the colour white – iPhone 4 now gets a clear case

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Most phones come in a range of vibrant, or dull, colours – just not smartphones. The iPhone 4 is an example of that, only offering those who want the device in black or white (there are ways, however, to get colour casings for the phone). But what about one that is, well, transparent?

Well, one Chinese guy has posted his modifications to his iPhone on a Chinese forum – ripping his iPhone 4 apart (and you can now hear James Wilson scream) and put the phone’s internals in its new casing. To be honest, while it is very geeky, it does ruin that stylistic aesthetic that the phone has.

And if you plan to do this yourself? Well, we highly suggest you don’t. We don’t want you to go up to Apple and ask for a replacement – which will cost heavily, as you have broken the warranty – as you have managed to accidentally scratched the A4 processor or have managed to make it unusable.

But for now, you can look at some pictures of the phone below.

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