TECHGEEK Weekly 29: New Blood Required

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While James and Stewart are out, we get Tom Wood – a former host of a former TECHGEEK Podcast incarnation – to help us dissect the news that Playboy is going to the iPad uncensored, the University of Sydney having a privacy headache and Steve Jobs has gone on medical leave – again.

Tom Wood, who also happens to be a known advocate of cyber-bullying prevention, also finds himself doing Stewart’s job.

And yes, Stewart and James will be back next week (hopefully). Hope you enjoy the episode. See you all next week, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


The Top Stories

Steve Jobs goes on medical leave again

Apple’s bright view outshines Jobs’s plight

Google changes CEO, moves Schmidt to Chairman

Headache for Uni of Sydney as student data exposed on web

Nintendo 3DS to launch 25 March in Europe, 27 March in North America

Nintendo reveals new information for Nintendo 3DS

U.S. Approves Comcast’s Acquisition of NBC U, but With Conditions

Comcast will retain NBC’s stake in Hulu, but is stripped of control

Stewart’s Tom’s Briefs (1)

The Samsung Secret – Why U.S. Galaxy S Phones run Android 2.1 Still

Mobile payments are coming to Starbucks

Eighth grader knocks Angry Birds out of the top free spot on the App Store

Playboy Magazine coming to iPad in its uncensored form in March, including full back catalog

In Other News

Bloomberg: PSP2 announcement next week, PlayStation Phone at MWC

iPad 2 Retina Display confirmed by a picture of wood?

FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth Icons Confirm Camera in iPad 2

Latest rumor: iPad 2 won’t feature Retina Display

HTC to launch Flyer tablet PC in March

W3C brings out a new logo for HTML5… wait, what?

Last Days For Central IPv4 Address Pool

Stewart’s Tom’s Briefs (2)

Google Launches Fourth Annual ‘Doodle 4 Google’ Contest,2817,2375961,00.asp

“Angry Birds” To Become an Animated Series

Apple “screwing” new iPhones out of simple DIY repair

Duke Nukem Forever Gets Release Date, New Trailer

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