Dead or Alive developers shows the new game

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Dead or Alive Dimensions, the upcoming game will be the first Dead or Alive game to be on a handheld system.  From the trailer many characters are returning to the series.  The trailer also shows the gameplay, which is the same as the previous one.  The game uses the touchscreen to show a movelist and allows beginners to allow use the combos with a slight touch.

The new game will include all the highlights from the previous games in a mode called ‘Chronicles Mode’, which is the ‘Single Player’ Mode . The game modes are Internet Mode, Local Mode, Street Mode, and Cooperative Mode.

The developers of the game have collaborate with the Nintendo and have designed a stage based on the Nintendo’s series, Metroid.  In this stage, the fighters of the match will fight each other with Ridley, the main antagonist from the Metroid series.

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