Morning Briefing: 19 January 2011

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Welcome to the Morning Briefing for 19 January 2011, where we highlight the tech stories from across the web breaking at the night and what we are watching here at

Here’s what we are watching:

  • Comcast and NBC Universal are now officially going to merge, with the FCC and US Department of Justice approving the deal, with some conditions.
  • Acer are going to phase netbooks in favour for tablets, according to a report on Computerworld. The company believes that its the direction of the market, and will have its tablets run on Android – a big ouch for Microsoft, who wants Windows on tablets.
  • Early trading shows Apple stock taking a battering with a 4.1% drop after Steve Jobs announced on Monday that he was taking medical leave for a third time.
  • Two hackers accused of stealin personal data of early adopters of the iPad discussed the possibility of selling it to spammers or even promote their collective group of trolls they were part of called Goatse. Included in the personal data included Rahm Emanuel, then-White House Chief of Staff and Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City.
  • Samsung apparently is charging Android updates on carriers, despite the OS is open source and updates should be free. All carriers have decided to not pay the update, hoping Samsung will drop its request. A very unlikely, though earned, GO CARRIERS!
  • And finally, we leave you with a must-read op-ed from our friends over at Delimiter (Hi!). Has the iPhone jumped the shark?