Microsoft’s new homepage – now based on Windows Phone 7

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What you see is the new Microsoft homepage. Does it look familiar? Well, if you have used Windows Phone 7, it does look pretty similar to the OS theme – “Metro”. And one of the biggest changes is that Microsoft has split “home” and “work” products into two sections.

The new page comes at the same time when Microsoft announced a new brand tagline, “Be What’s Next”, which was recently launched during the Golden Globes. The new homepage is to unify the look that can be seen, as mentioned, on Windows Phone 7, Surface 2.0 and other Microsoft products (according to CNET) the Zune and Xbox 360.

If you want to see it, then you can follow this link to do so. You can opt-out of the new version if you don’t like it – something Facebook should take note of. We do also want to know your thoughts of the site design, so comment below!