Tip: Sharing links easily with F1

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Sharing links to your friends, such as a funny auto-correct fail or a news article that happens to claim that Apple is merging iTunes and Safari together, can be a bit tedious as you have to copy the link, open up your email client or a new tab for the social networking profile, and then post it out to your friends. Now, Mozilla has made it a bit simple.

Called F1, Mozilla (via Mozilla Messaging) has made this nifty little plugin to allow you to easily send those links to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter – along with several web email clients, such as Google’s Gmail. The list is a bit short but soon more services will be added – we hope.

The project is part of Mozilla’s Labs initiative in order to create better features for the Firefox brand, with many projects hoping to be graduates such as Personas (its new skinning feature) and Firefox Sync (bookmarks syncing). That being said, it is a Firefox-only feature and it is in beta, so you pretty much should be wary that it may cause instability.

If you are still confused with my explanation, you can see a video below.

You can download the plugin on their website.

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