Rumour Mill: Safari, iTunes to merge

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The latest rumour to come from Apple is that Safari and iTunes are about to merge, with Safari – the fourth most popular browser after Internet Explorer, Firefox and WebKit-brother Chrome – piggybacking the success of iTunes to propel it to the top.

The rumour is pretty vague itself, but it claims that iTunes controls will be present in Safari and that “Moving iTunes organizational side-bar into Safari isn’t a monumental task”, according to the rumour’s monger Three Guys and a Podcast.

However, its very unlikely – well, more than 99 percent more unlikely – that Apple would ditch the software that is popular with the iPod and iOS devices; but a web-only, streaming option would be a more likely outcome – and hopefully that is the case, after it acquired lala for $80 million two years ago and hasn’t used what it acquired.

And probably, the move would really piss Europe.