iPad 2 Retina Display confirmed by a picture of wood?

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The iPhone 4 got a retina display, then the iPod touch got one and now it’s looking like the next iPad will get one too. But where’s the proof?

Yes, who would’ve guessed that a couple of .png files could in fact prove that an iPad 2 is in the works? Well, MacRumors has reported that in the iBooks 1.2 source files there is a file called Wood Tile@2x.png. This file is the background of your bookshelf in iBooks. The resolution of the new file is 2048×1536 orĀ 2X the resolution of the current iPad.

Also found was the bookmark picture/icon, also made X2.

Why would they include these when there is currently no device that can handle them? And why can’t Apple keep secrets as well as they used to?

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