Call of Duty: Black Ops First Map Pack Preview

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Today Treyarch, the creators of Call of  Duty: Black Ops, have released the first preview video of the first map pack, First Strike.  This map pack will be released on the 1st of February 2011 on the Xbox 360 and will cost 1200 Microsoft Points.  The details of the PC and PS3 release is currently unknown.

In the preview video of the map pack, it shows the names of the upcoming four multiplayer maps, Kowloon, Discovery, Berlin Wall, and Stadium; and the upcoming zombie map, Ascension.  However the video only shows the four multiplayer maps.

Kowloon: The map is based on the single player level that is set in Kowloon.  The uniqueness of this map is that it includes zip lines which allows the player to travel from Point A to Point B a lot faster.  However the downside to using the zip lines is that the player will not be able to use any weapons.

Discovery: An Antarctic station that was left by the Germans in WWII.  The map is divided into two parts with a chasm with a narrow icy bridge between them. The map includes a interesting feature, the collapsible nature of the icy bridge.

Berlin Wall: The map takes inspiration from the historical place of Checkpoint Charlie.  The player will take arms on either East or West Berlin.  The map has a No-Man’s Land in the centre with allows the player to cross to either side faster, but the downside to it is the auto turrets surrounding the path.

Stadium: This map allows the player to feel the adrenaline of close quarter combat with many hiding spots due the design of the map.

If you want to see the video about the preview of the First Strike, it is just the video below.