Facebook to move all users to “new profile” layout – despite users objections

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Facebook will now move all of its users to its new profile layout – just little more than a month after giving users the options to jump onto the new profile. So those who still love the old profile, you better say your goodbyes as Facebook isn’t going to keep it.

Facebook’s new changes include the addition of an “at-a-glace” look at your profile, including your birthday, employment, relationship status and your location; highlighting meaningful friendships such as co-workers; ability to tag your friends in more places; row of recently tagged photos at the top; and a shift away from the tab interface Facebook had in its previous incarnations.

The design – its eighth since its foundation – of course has gotten its haters, and many have taken onto creating groups expressing their outrage. Even the blog post announcing the mandatory changeover has also brought out negative backlash.

“I didn’t make the switch because I HATE the new profile. Not looking forward to being switched over,” one commented on the announcement.

“Listen, can you stop f—ing with what’s already good? NOBODY likes the new profile, please switch it back A-S-A-P,” another wrote.

Of course, that’s not to say that all of the Facebook membership hate it. But of course, I bet you in a month’s time, people will get over it – unless they don’t and eventually quit the social networking site over it, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

Well, unless it’s been proven that the new theme happens to inadvertently leak private information to advertisers.

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