Sennheiser expand noise-cancelling headphones with the CXC 700

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Sennheiser, who are known for their top quality audio gear, have added another addition to there noise-cancelling headphone range, the CXC 700’s. The CXC 700’s feature Sennheiser’s exclusive NoiseGard™ digital noise cancelling technology which allows the users to select one of three modes designed to reduce low, medium and high frequency noise.

The first mode eliminates low-frequency noise, in particular 100 to 300 Hertz noise like that from engines of trains, buses or small airplanes. The second mode eliminates mid frequency noise, 400 to 3,000 Hertz, the noise most commonly made by corporate and aircraft air-conditioners. The third mode covers a larger frequency, 100 to 3,000 Hertz, which combines the first and second modes and as a result, effectively reduces background noise in busy environments such as in an airport, railway station and underground station. With Sennheiser’s NoiseGard™, you are sure to have perfect sound wherever you are.

Even without the noise-cancelling on, Sennheiser’s acoustics guarantees a detailed, balanced sound with a frequency response of 20 to 21,000 Hertz. Not only do these earphones offer great sound, they also offer comfort. Due to the compact and ergonomic design of the CXC 700’s, you are able to pack them anywhere and even where while you are sleeping, making these perfect for travelers.

The CXC 700’s are controlled via a control unit that resides on the cable like most other earphones and headphones out at the moment. Using this, you can select any of the three noise-cancelling modes or even activate the Sennheiser TalkThrough function allowing the wearer to conduct a conversation with someone without the need to remove their earphones. The CXC 700’s includes a set of ear adapters in three sizes to suit any ear. You also get an in-flight adapter, 6.35mm jack plug adapter and a 1.4 meter long cable. In addition to this, there also is a small carrying case, a diaphragm protector, a cleaning tool and a AAA battery.

The Sennheiser CXC 700’s will be available in selected US stores in early 2011 with no word on pricing or international sale.

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