System on a Chip Architectures coming to Microsoft

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Today at CES before Microsoft’s Keynote at 6.30PM pacific time, Microsoft have announced that the next version of Windows, Windows 8, will support the System on a Chip Architecture from Intel, AMD and ARM based systems such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments.

The System on a Chip Architecture will allow for operating systems and preinstalled applications to reside on the actual processor unit. The operating system should run as expected and Microsoft demoed such feature and showed that it’s possible.

“With today’s announcement, we’re showing the flexibility and resiliency of Windows through the power of software and a commitment to world-class engineering. We continue to evolve Windows to deliver the functionality customers demand across the widest variety of hardware platforms and form factors,” said Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft.

System on a Chip allows major components of a computer to be on a single silicon chip which in turn means, smaller devices, better battery life and always-connected functionality.