Lenovo to bring out thinnest all-in-one PC – the IdeaCentre A320

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Lenovo is coming out strong with a big list of desktops and laptops, and one of them is its new IdeaCentre line – its all-in-one PC brand name it uses, where it essentially merge the monitor and the case together into one. Well, Lenovo is touting that it has the thinnest all-in-one PC with its new IdeaCentre A320, claiming to be less than 19mm thin at its thickest point.

The A320 will feature a 21.5-inch screen and will be powered by a second-generation Core i5 processor. It will also have a range of connectors, including HDMI, and a card reader. It will have up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and up to 750GB of storage.

The product will come out later in the year, hopefully, and won’t make it in the US. It, however, will come with a pricetag of US$699.