Windows 8 reaches Milestone 2, according to leaks

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Microsoft HQWhile it hasn’t been any secret that Microsoft is already at work in producing the successor to Windows 7 – the OS that happens to repair much of the damage of Windows Vista – but the stage of development of it has been so secretive, it can rival Apple.

However, there has been a leak. A Russian website is reporting that Redmond has recently compiled a new build of a successor, with the build “Windows 8 Milestone 2: 6.2.79xx.0.winmain_win8m2.xxxxxx-xxx”, with a recent build compiled on December 16 of last year.

There is even now speculation that Windows 8 may get a little preview at Microsoft’s keynote at this year’s CES, fronted again by Steve Ballmer. However, that seems a bit less likely as it appears that not much development has occurred, rather than just simply cleaning up code.