TV maker to go into tablet, phone markets

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While in Australia, we have never heard of them; in America, that’s a whole different story. Vizio, a low-cost TV maker, is now setting its sights on a brand new market, hoping their strategy translates into sales. However, those two markets are the tablets and mobile phone market – two of the most crowded markets to date.

The company will launch, according to the Wall Street Journal, a new 4-inch phone that has two cameras, one with a five megapixel camera at the rear; and an 8-inch tablet that features three speakers, and a front-facing camera. Both devices, under the Via brand, will use Google’s Android operating system.

However, while Vizio is getting attention out now, it won’t be the only company releasing tablets – and most certainly, not the only one launching one with Android. We already have seen some Android-powered tablets out already – most noticeably, the Samsung Galaxy Tab – and at CES, we expect a tablet frenzy as many try to cut off the iPad.

It also appears that the company is also trying to catch up with Samsung, with the company having a long rivalry with the company – especially in LCD televisions, where Vizio managed to push Samsung to be the top. And now, Vizio launching into the phone and tablet market – two markets where it will also compete with Samsung. Doesn’t seem such a coincidence now, does it?