The Year in Review 2010 : The Gadgets Highlights

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Who would have known by the end of this decade, we would have an Apple phone, eBook readers and tablets all around us? Or even having devices that are better and smaller than the PCs of 2000. This year there have been many leaps and bounds, like the up and coming tablet war, the broad range of Android devices released, the new iPhone, all those eBook readers and not to forget, Windows Phone 7. We started the year at CES 2010, which was very Android and eBook focused, which has shaped the year that has followed.

The revolution of the Apple

April was an interesting month for us, with the release of the iPad, which has then sparked a ‘war’ between tablet makers trying to out tablet each other (pun intended) which has lead to some tablets being released while many others being designed.

There was also the new iPhone released, as per Apple’s yearly refresh, which came with its own set of problems like Antenna-gate, camera discolorations and the absence of a white handset. It’s market domination has also been challenged by Android.

The rise of the Android, the revamping of Windows Phone 7

This year, the range of Android phones that have appeared is immense. There are budget, social phones, like the Motorola DEXT, right though to high-end business phones, like the HTC Desire HD. Thought out the year there have been many improvements to Android, and has now reached Android 2.3!

Even though Android was originally designed for phones, in 2010 it has been extended to tablets, portable media players and even PSP’s. Another tablet that has been released this year is the Samsung Galaxy Tab,which is said to be the iPad’s first real competition. The Galaxy Tab runs Android, has a smaller screen than the iPad though similar specs to it.

After all this iOS and Android, there of course is one player left, Mircosoft. This year saw the release of Windows Phone 7 which had a major overhaul of the interface resulting in a much smoother, modern operating system. There are a few phones in the market that run Windows Phone 7 though they are mostly business orientated, high-end smartphones.

The emergence of the eBook Readers

At CES 2010 in Las Vegas, there was a multitude of eBook readers shown – all trying to take some of the shine away from the successful Amazon Kindle.

Some of them didn’t make it, like Terence’s favourite, the QUE proReader, and others did and now there are eBook readers being sold everywhere from K-Mart to JB Hi-Fi ranging in all different prices, features and sizes.

Some highlights include the Sony eBook readers coming to Australia, the Amazon Kindle 3 and the release of the Kobo eBook reader by Borders and Angus and Robertson.

Gaming Accessories

2010 was also a big year for gaming periphals. It saw the release of the Microsoft Kinect and the Playstation Move. The Kinect, originally Project Natal, was ground breaking technology, using 3D tracking technology which means that your body is the game controller. The Playstation Move also uses tracking technology though in not such a sophisticated way, but is still fun to use.

We look forward to seeing all the new, cool and fun gadgets headed our way in 2011 and make sure we keep you updated with the latest! See you next year, when we kick off our coverage of CES 2011.