Malware infecting Chinese Android devices

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Android MalwareLookout Mobile Security – a company that creates powerful, anti-malware software for various phones (not iOS) – has released a blog most stating that there is growing amount of Chinese devices that run Android becoming infected by a Trojan, named ‘Geinmini’, can possibly turn the device into a zombie, as part of a possible botnet.

The malware can infect such devices if the user has enabled the ‘Use Unknown Sources’ setting, as it proliferates by ‘grafting’ onto legitimate apps and modifies the code with the malware then posting itself on a 3rd-party Chinese Marketplace.

Lookout reports no apps on the Official Marketplace have been detected with the malware binaries installed but have advised users to remain weary and vigilant when confirming the installation [and uninstallation] of software on their Android device.

Source: Security Alert: Geinimi, Sophisticated New Android Trojan Found in Wild

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