Red Dead Redemption DLC + More [Christmas Guide]

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Microsoft have been counting the days till New Year’s and are giving gamers savings for DLC.  Today only Microsoft have discounted the cost for all (unless you include the free one then most) Red Dead Redemption DLC.  The Liars and Cheats, and Legends and Killers DLC are 400 Microsoft Points – that’s 50% off.  The Undead Nightmare DLC is 600 Microsoft Points – that’s 25% off.  If you want the best savings the Undead Nightmare Collection is only 1200 Microsoft – that’s 25% off the original price and saves you 200 Microsoft Points if you buy each DLC individually.

Other than that, Microsoft have included many beloved Arcade Games in their New Year’s savings.  To name a few of the discounted games Super Meat Boy is now 800 Microsoft Points and Banjo Tootie – 600 Microsoft Points.  These and other Arcade Games will be on sale till the 31th of December.

If you are low on Microsoft Points, Microsoft still have a gift for you gamers.  The gift is 2011 Xbox Live Avatar Glasses. The glasses are free and will cost you nothing.

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