Super Scribblenauts for under $30! [Bargain Hunter]

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Got a child that has a Nintendo DS? Well, one of the games that they might enjoy is Super Scribblenauts, a game that basically puts the child’s imagination in a problem-solving game – and yes, there is even an option to put in the word “Anything”. The sequel to the popular Scribblenauts, those who have played it will love this game. However, the price might put you off – $58.00 for the game? For many, that game can be seen as a luxury.

Well, the game is now selling for $28 at EB Games. Yes, now it is at an affordable rate for you to give to your children for this Christmas time as a present – well, that’s assuming that you have a Nintendo DS already available to your child.

You should probably hurry and get the gift now, as it is a limited time offer. Go get it!

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