One button lets you join the pro-Wikileaks parade

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While Julian Assange has distanced himself from the attacks, the group known as Anonymous apparently haven’t heard that message yet and looks like they are actively recruiting members to join their attacks on those who are “anti-Wikileaks” by sending their servers down, thanks to a downloadable piece of software called LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), which allows users to voluntarily connect to a botnet that is used to co-ordinate the attacks.

And now, its about to get even easier.

A new webpage, created by a member of the group, has emerged online that allows even the most basic technically-competent user to join the attack. The page, as seen above, uses JavaScript and to start an attack is simple: just enter the URL, change some settings and press the button. By default, the URL links to PayPal.

I, however, cannot determine if the page does work or not. But apparently, according to Wired, it will simply request for a file on the given target’s server that does not exist, sending it out multiple times and therefore result in the server crashing.

Below is a video about DDOS and Anonymous, thanks to our friends over at Hungry Beast:

The link has been spreading amongst chatrooms and websites. However, it should be noted that the tool does not let you hide your IP address – and when three members of the group have already been arrested, it’s not a good sign to be using the software.