Google releases 2010 top search results – ChatRoulette, iPad, Bieber top “Fastest Rising”

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It’s nearing the end of the very first decade of the new millennium, and of course the year. And this is typically the time where the search engines release the top yearly trends that its visitors typed into their search boxes, collated in a pretty web page for us to examine the year that was. And of course, Google starts the list.

It should be noted that Google doesn’t rank its search results as the most popular, but the fastest rising – meaning that how quickly they have become the top of the workplace gossip.

So what did we search? For the world, Facebook and Twitter took tenth and eighth place respectively, while singer Katy Perry reached seventh place. Gamezer, Myxer, Friv and Nicki Minaj took out ninth, sixth, fifth and fourth place respectively. However, the top three were (in order from bottom to the top): Justin Bieber, the Apple iPad and the infamous ChatRoulette. Wow, thanks for bringing those memories back Google.

For the US, the results were a bit similar, with the iPad topping the results, followed by ChatRoulette than the iPhone 4. The US’ success in the World Cup saw the FIFA World Cup in South Africa taking fourth place, while Justin Bieber took fifth. Myxer, Facebook, Grooveshark, Glee and Mocospace also placed in the top ten.

Australia, however, has a different picture to paint. While ChatRoulette was also number one, number two was FormSpring and number three was ABC3 – the public broadcaster’s children’s channel. Australia also searched for the World Cup (4th place) and Tumblr (5th place), while Event Cinemas, Omegle and were surprises. Wikileaks also appeared on the list, as well as Jetstar, as ninth and tenth place respectively.

However, for those who finds these a bit too wordy, Google has created a Year in Review video for their Zeitgeist, which we have attached below.

And of course, Google had to put their products in it.