AGs delay R18+ rating decision till March

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Well, the Attorneys-Generals of all the states and territories, in addition with their federal counterpart, have made their decision for the R18+ rating – they are going to postpone making a decision until March of next year. That’s according to the industry’s peak representative body, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association.

However, despite a “disappointing” result, this does not rule out the possibility of the rating being introduced or have been rejected.

“We are, however, pleased that the industry has been given the opportunity to put forward its arguments for an adult rating and encouraged by the tremendous support the issue has received from the Federal Government, and the active engagement by each Attorney General at today’s meeting on the issue,” iGEA CEO Ron Curry told Delimiter.

“We’re hopeful that the weight of evidence and the comprehensive research into the matter will ensure an adult rating is introduced when the Attorney-Generals reconvene.”

A change in how the Classification Board labels video games must be a unanimous decision by all the attorneys-generals.

A move for an R18+ have been labelled as a way to introduce more violent video games by Christian lobbies, but also by proponents for such a rating to allow such video games to be classified correctly, allowing parents to adequately make up their minds about a game. Many of the violent video games labelled MA 15+ that are sold in other western nations are usually classified in their equivalent adult only rating.

A government public consultation, according to the ABC, revealed that 98 percent of respondents were in favour of allowing such a rating. A Galaxy survey also found that the classification has strong support, with 80 percent of respondents believe that it was needed.

Image from: gnackgnackgnack/Flickr (CC)