Google launches eBookstore

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If the Kindle Store or Apple iBookstore aren’t doing it for you, Google has just launched their own eBookstore, creatively named Google ebookstore. While it’s currently only in the US (sigh), it does look quite promising.

But what’s so different about it? Firstly, similar to the Kindle Bookstore, books that you buy from Google are cross-platform. So you can read on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, on your Android phone, and any device that supports Adobe eBook DRM. So Sony Readers are compatible too.

The best part is that you can also read your purchased books with a web-browser. No plugins or downloads required. But sadly, the widely popular Amazon Kindle is (currently) not supported, and may remain unsupported for a while due to lack of ePub support.

Like other eBook platforms, the Google eBookstore syncs your current location with all of your compatible devices. So you could start reading a book on your iPhone and then finish it on your Sony Reader.

And while Aussie’s can’t yet buy any of the 3 million books, we can still get some of the free public domain books. And who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Frankenstein on the go?