Fallout begins as 4chan starts defending Wikileaks

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The fallout has begun. Within hours of the news of the arrest of Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange, the notorious site 4chan has come out in support for the site in the usual way – by taking down its enemies’ sites.

The site attacks are part of “Operation Payback”, which has also been used to coordinate attacks on the RIAA after anti-piracy lawsuits.

The site’s main targets were PayPal, PostFinance – the Swiss bank that recently froze Assange’s bank account – and the Swedish prosecutors. While PayPal’s main site has not fallen (Ars Technica notes that its blog did, however), PostFinance’s site has been taken down, as well as the Swedish prosecutors.

However, it also appears to be war between proponents and opponents of Wikileaks, with the opponents managed to take down the Anonymous site. Opponents have also previously taken down Wikileaks itself after a few hours when the US diplomatic cables were released, forcing Wikileaks to take redundancy measures – it also didn’t help when several companies cancelled their services.

In addition, mirror sites have emerged in order to continue disseminating information.

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