Kinect and two games for under $200 [Bargain Hunter]

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Just want the Kinect only, and don’t really care about the console as you got it already? Well, we have found a bargain for you – while the Kinect is only around $174, when you add two games then the price goes up fast as you it would be pointless to get without getting a game that uses it.

Well, what about getting the two games and the Kinect unit for under $200? Sounds neat.

Well, Target is selling the Kinect unit plus two games as seen above: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Kinect Adventures (the latter one should be the only reason why you should get the deal, the other you can resell or burn) for only $199, reduced from its original price of $288 altogether.

Should note that if you have a Target Country, you’re not going to get the deal, and that the offer ends at December 8. Go get it now!