Julian Assange arrested by UK police

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It was always going to happen, and now it has. Julian Assange, the Australian behind Wikileaks, has been arrested by the UK Police.

The 39-year-old elusive whistleblower was arrested at 9:30am London time, in relation to an European Arrest warrant issued by Sweden in relation to a sexual assault charge.

Assange has denied the claims.

Wikileaks is currently leaking the 250,000+ US diplomatic cables over the coming months to its various 500 (give or take) mirror sites after US companies have refused to deal with them, with banking information apparently being prepared for release sometime after the government cables. The current release-count stands at 913.

The fallout, however, has been enormous, mainly in the United States. US and Canadian pundits have called for his execution or assassination, while freedom-of-speech¬†advocates¬†are calling it a failure of the voice of democracy. There is also been calls for prosecution for Assange’s decision to leak the information by the United States, despite the fact Assange is an Australian citizen.

Terence Huynh contributed to this report.