Biggest eBay day of the year revealed

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Its official…eBay has come out and said that their busiest day of the year will be Sunday 12 December, 2010.

On this day, over one million savvy shoppers are off to buy more that 200,000 items, amounting to well over AU$11 million.  eBay also said that 21% of Australian registered users visited the site during Spetember, 2010.

Predicted purchases on on Sunday 12th December:

  • 1,500 pairs of shoes
  • 1,000 women’s bags
  • More than 1,500 music CD’s
  • More than 1,200 Nintendo DS games
  • More than 1,000 iPhone accessories
  • More than 900 Playstation games

The surge in online shopping for Christmas 2010:

  • Less than half of Australian consumers (40%) believe that department stores will provide the best value on presents this year, a 16% decline from 2009
  • Smart phone users are most likely to spend more this Christmas (35%) than others (28%)
  • Main benefits for online shopping are…..Avoiding the crowds (65%), Avoiding the queues and parking hassles (60%), Ease of comparing prices (57%), Avoiding the general stress of Christmas shopping (49%), Easier to find hard-to-get gifts (43%)

Jenny Thomas, eBay spokesperson explains, “That while there has been a significant rise in the number of consumers purchasing items from international eBay sellers, Australian based eBay sellers are also reaping the benefits of being online this Christmas”.

Additional insights include:

  • eBay iPhone users bought nearly 900,000 items worth over AU$56 million with an average price per item of $64
  • Consumers accessing eBay via WAP bought over 160,000 items worth more than AU$17 million with an average item price of $102
  • eBay Android app users bought more than 1,000 items worth more than AU$52,000 with an average item price of $21
  • Nearly 25% of Australians now using their mobile phones to shop online.

One eBay items is bought every 15 seconds!!