Livescribe Echo – perfect gift for students [Gift Idea]

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Have a friend, sibling or child that is a student? Well, a perfect gift can be the Livescribe Echo. What is it? It’s a pen, but not just like any other pen as it records what you write on an actual piece of paper (provided by them) and allows you to save a digital copy of your notes, so you have a backup just in case you lose them.

In addition, it also acts as a voice recorder, allowing the person to record the lectures or lessons so they can refer back to them if they missed something, or even take voice notes.

The pen also can hold downloadable apps, such as a dictionary, translators and games – though you will have to do this online as there is no applications pre-installed. It does, however, include an additional ink cartridge and a notebook with the paper that is compatible with the pen.

It comes in two versions – a 4GB version and an 8GB version. The 4GB version varies from $199 at Officeworks to $242 at JB Hi Fi and even at $259 at Dick Smith; while the 8GB at all stores happens to be at $299. My choice would get the 4GB model from Officeworks.

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