iPhone 4 gets some bling – with a whole lot of diamonds

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It’s a bit much, don’t you think. But unless you actually have the money to purchase that, then you will have to see this from afar (your monitor). This is the iPhone 4 Diamond Queen Edition – and no, it’s not from Apple. It’s actually from a UK jeweller named Stuart Hughes, who has a history of adding bling to gadgets and televisions. This one now joins the list of elitist gadgets.

This 32GB iPhone 4 features 8.5ct diamonds all over the side of the case, and if that wasn’t enough, the Apple logo has also been covered with diamonds. Essentially, any part of the phone that isn’ t black is covered in diamonds – and very expensive diamonds. It comes with a hand-finished wallet made from real Ostrich foot and has a unique design.

For the techies, the phone is unlocked, meaning that you can place any SIM card and have it work for you. Other than that, it works as a normal iPhone.

The price? Well, it’s £18,995 (around AUD$30,736). Yep, it’s pretty expensive. Though, if you manage to have a large enough salary and have managed to pay off your mortgage, why not indulge yourself.