Criminal investigation underway with Wikileaks leak

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President Barack Obama is considering taking legal action against Wikileaks, which is currently based in Iceland, after more than 250,000 diplomatic cables were released in the wild.

In addition, the Justice Department has announced that it has an active criminal investigation on how the cables were leaked.

“Obviously there is an ongoing criminal investigation about the stealing of and the dissemination of sensitive and classified information. Secondly, under the administration — or I would say — should say administration wide, we are looking at a whole host of things, and I wouldn’t rule anything out,” Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, said.

Gibbs also believes that the leaks do not impact US Foreign Policy.

“I do not believe that the release of these documents impacts our ability to conduct a foreign policy that moves our interests forward and addresses both regional and global concerns about the issues that threaten this world.”

Eric Holder, the US attorney general, told the media in a separate briefing, “We have an active, ongoing criminal investigation with regard to this matter. We are not in the position, as yet, to announce the result of that investigation.”

“To the extent that we can find anybody who was involved in the breaking of American law.”

“They will be held responsible. To the extent there are gaps in our laws, we will move to close those gaps. It is not the case that anybody at this point, because of their citizenship or their residency, is not a target or the subject of an investigation.”

The US has been going into diplomatic damage control after revelations of it spying of the United Nations, among other disparaging revelations about other countries, such as China was responsible for the Google attack in January last year that forced China to move operations to Hong Kong, and that Iran’s Supreme Leader has terminal cancer.

Image: Alex Covic/Flickr