TECHGEEK Podcast 20: The Big 2-0

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Yep. 20 episodes. We have actually made it this far, surprisingly, without being pulled from the internet because of our irrelevant and often nonsensical information regurgitation.

Anyway, two million finds “She Loves You”, and we talk about Telstra finally being split up into two. Also, Farmville is no longer the King of Facebook applications and we get into a heated discussion of whether an iPad 2 will be out (I don’t think we will see it, personally)

Also, we’re going to have a live podcast for our Holiday Gift Guide 2010 season. So stay tuned for more information from Stewart.

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NBN business plan to be released later today – its cheaper!

NBN business case summary released

Australian Senate passes Telstra split laws

Acer Challenges Apple’s IPad, Unveils Three Tablet Computers

Analyst thinks Apple will release an Ipad 2 in April

Apple’s iPad tops holiday wish-lists, survey shows

iOS 4.2 available now for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

iOS 4.3 To Launch In Mid-December With App Subscriptions

New Windows zero-day exploit bypasses UAC

RockMelt Rolls Out Its First Big Update: Chromium 7, More Social, Better Gmail

Microsoft reverses course, says Kinect left open by ‘design’

Microsoft gives mild warning on Windows Phone 7 jailbreaks

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 3,000 apps and games, attracts 15,000 developers

Pirate Bay founders lose appeal

YouTube Readies New Ad Units That Users Can Skip

A News Corp. Newspaper, but Not in Print

“FarmVille” Loses Number One Facebook App Slot to Phrases, But For How Long?


Beatles sell two million songs in a week on iTunes

Find My iPhone now free

Xbox 360 turns 5!

Wikileaks prepares for another leak, “7x the size of the Iraq War Logs”

Data released: 1 in 2 are unhappy with ISP/Telco’s

Facebook colonising the Internet

Nintendo returning to CES for 2011’s ‘Gaming Showcase’

Mozilla Plans Mobile App Store


Plantronics releases BackBeat 903+ for those on the go

Jolicloud Jolibook

Acer Iconia

LaCie iamaKey