Give a friend a space on the web [Gift Idea]

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Every year, Media Temple produces its The Hosting Card. While this may not be for everyone’s cup of tea, it is if you know a person who wants to start to get their piece of the web, especially if the person is the manager of a local business. As well, its perfect of individuals who want to start their own site, or web developers/designers to show off their portfolio.

And if you want to give it to yourself, you can.

The perfect thing is that it includes a domain name, one year hosting of its Grid-Service Lite product. It does come in a digital gift sent by email and a physical gift that is an actual card sent in a box (if that wasn’t obvious). However, do be warned that the physical card option will be in high demand, and usually would be sold out.

It only costs US$95, and you can find it at the Media Temple store.

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