Amaysim – launch of a SIM-only mobile network

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A new mobile network carrier has launched today that promises to “relieve customer frustration” in hoping to take on the big carriers with cheaper prices for calls, SMS and data. Called Amaysim, it has only one difference: you only get the SIM. You have to bring your own phones.

While it may be difficult to handle for some, for others it is a great point-of-difference as many want to keep their phones but move to another network. Though, if you are on an Optus network swapping for a better quality network, it’s not going to work out as the company is going through Optus.

The SIM card itself is only $2, which you can get online or from the usual outlets such as 7-Eleven and Harvey Norman, with recharge vouchers at many leading retailers.

Standard calls are 15c per minute, with no flagfall. International calls differs per country. SMS messages cost 12c per SMS. Compared to other carriers, it is certainly cheap – though I question the viability of offering such low prices, especially with no flagfall.

Data usage is charged at 5c per megabyte. However, if you think you are going to spend big on your data, there is a 1GB pack for $9.90, and that will last you for 30 days. That is pretty good, compared to paying $49.95 for 999MB of data without the data pack. At least that will satisfy your Facebook/Twitter/FourSquare addiction.

Voicemail retrieval is 0.15c per minute – which is very low, though not free; while international texts and MMS messages are standard (at 25c and 49c respectively). Prepaid customers will have up to 90 days to spend, great if your kids don’t happen to use their phone that often.

International Roaming, however, is costly – though expected. The site even admits this, saying “International roaming is convenient and easy-to-use but can be costly. You should also consider using a local mobile provider if you’re visiting only a few destinations.” There’s some truth in advertising then.