Christian lobby launches new anti-R18+ campaign, with flawed research

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The Australian Christian Lobby has decided to do one last attempt to campaign against an R18+ rating, urging its followers to write to the Attorney Generals to say no for the introduction of the rating to video games which would put the Australian video game classification scheme on par with international ratings.

The Lobby claims that bringing the rating would expose “explicit violence and sex” to children who would end up getting the games in their hands.

It cites CP Bartlett’s research titled “Longer you play, the most hostile you feel: the examination of first person shooter video games and aggression during video game play.” However, the study has been criticised as the measure for physiological arousal is not reliable, did not differentiate with those who had gun experience and those who did not, the experience and performance of video games as a control factor, and the aggression measure has not been validated by others. Here’s an abstract:

Measures […]

Hostility: One item that measures state hostility on a 5-point likert scale. Just one!?

Frustration: One item on a 5-point likert scale. WTF?! Where the hell is your inter-item reliability?

It also provides a video containing clips of the infamous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II ‘No Russian’ scenario – which should be added, which the Lobby has not mentioned, can be skipped with no penalty and contributes little to nothing to the gameplay – and a scene from Grand Theft Auto IV. The latter game, while rated MA15+ in Australia, has been given the R18+ equivalent in the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand and in the United States.

The Lobby wants to also see the MA15+ rating should be relooked at in order to prevent R18+ games be classified as MA15+.

The site, under the lobby’s Make a Stand, is targeted to a more youth audience, and has as the areas in focus euthanasia, abortion and trying to retain scripture classes (yes, because the latter is really a political issue). It should also be noted that the lobby is also pro-censorship, as it is a supporter of the Internet Blacklist that Senator Conroy is trying to implement.

It should note that this person is a Catholic and is not a supporter of the Australian Christian Lobby which, in the author’s opinion, a bunch of fundamentalist nut-cases. As well, adopts a pro-R18+ rating. Just want to show a bit of transparency in our reporting.

Image: GnackGnackGnack/Flickr

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