Greens refuse NBN briefing over non-disclosure clause

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The Greens have declined an offer by the Government to have a private briefing on the National Broadband Network after being told that they had to sign a seven-year non-disclosure clause before having the briefing.

“It imposes a seven-year non-disclosure option, which would be voided for the material that the Government eventually does put into the public domain,” Senator Scott Ludlam, the Communications spokeman for the Greens, said.

“I just don’t think parliamentarians should be signing non-disclosure agreements in order to do their job.”

“So with great reluctance, I won’t be accepting the private briefing.”

The Greens, the Independents and the Opposition have called the Government to release the plan for the NBN before Parliament leaves for the holidays. The Independents and the Greens have been offered these meetings by the Government as an alternative.

No word if the Independents have opposed or agreed to these meetings.

Image: Kainet/Flickr