Panasonic’s 103-inch 3D plasma – yours only for $104,000

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This is Panasonic’s latest 3D television, an 103-inch plasma display that happens to have a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and can support 1080p full HD resolution – despite the fact the screen would make it a bit stretched because of the freaking size! Also bundled are some 3D glasses and a stand. Yep. That’s it. No Blu-Ray player, movies to test out the 3D content or anything else. Just some 3D glasses and a stand. Guessing most of the money comes from the damn plasma screen then.

It’s also big. Very big, with measurements of 241.2 x 141.9 x 14.1 cm (W x H x D). So pretty much it will take up a considerable amount of space in your room, especially when trying to find the ‘perfect’ spot to watch television. Good luck with that.

If you don’t really care, it goes on sale tomorrow. And it can be yours for only 8.5 million yen, or in Australian Dollars, around $104,000. So if you have money to burn, and happen to have a mortgage with little to no interest rates and away from the big four banks, then get your orders in now!

Source: Panasonic (Translation)