Apple brings The Beatles catalogue to iTunes

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It’s official. Apple has done what many had been expecting Apple to do for years. Sign a deal with The Beatles in order to get their entire catalogue to the popular iTunes store. All albums are iTunes LP, meaning that there is an interactive addition to the album only accessible within iTunes – such as lyrics and additional material such as videos.

The Beatles were well known to have been staunchly against putting their music on iTunes, leaving its record label EMI not putting their music up for sale. Apple, however, has tirelessly tried to get the band on digital, and looks like the company is rejoicing.

Also included on the band’s iTunes page will also find four ads that will soon be broadcast highlighting the fact the band have gone digital.

Devotees of the band can also get a collectors box set containing the iTunes versions of all their albums and an additional iTunes LP file for the collectors box set. Also included are a highlight reel and a video of the band’s first US tour. These have also been made free by Apple for users to stream via iTunes – though, that may not last. It will set you back AU$259.00, so you better get that credit card ready.

However, if you have a friend or family member that is an ultimate Beatles fan, this should be on your Christmas shopping list.