Google employee: Leaker endangered lives by releasing memo

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While Google employees may be getting a happy Christmas with a $1,000 cash bonus and a 10 percent salary (where can we hand in our resumes?), and reports that the leaker who released the memo being fired, an employee has come out and said that the leaker could have endangered the lives of the 20,000-or so Google employees to mugging.

According to CNET, the employee – who is a Google engineer – said that the employee “directly disobeyed” orders not to leak this information before the employees were safe at home.

“The leaker was promptly fired because he or she selfishly and thoughtlessly put 20,000 co-workers in immediate danger of being mugged while carrying holiday bonus cash on their way home in the dark that very evening. And because the leaker directly disobeyed repeated and very explicit instructions from the top, not to leak this bonus news prematurely before evening when all workers were home safe,” he said.

“I think this person lacked the judgment to tell the difference between sharing really great news with friends, versus violating trust and putting others in direct danger. There was no reason for he or she to push the news out quickly via bloggers and reporters, other than vanity and misplaced loyalties.”

Ouch. But the employee does have a point, as by leaking this information he could have put several of the employees at risk – especially when they had the option to take the bonus in cash, allowing them to surprise their families with the huge cash bonus.

Thankfully, we haven’t heard any reports of muggings.

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