Google launches FAST search results for poison control and suicide hotlines

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Google announced a brilliant search tool relating to poisoning and suicide hotlines.

When you are in desperate need to search for a number for either of the above, will bring up a special search result – a large red phone icon will appear with the relevant phone number.

A very clever and extremely technological advancement as the amount of people with a laptop or PC open whilst at home is increasing every day.

Lifeline and the Poison Information Centre have welcomed the initiative.

Google’s press release states Roni Zeiger, a physician by training, started this effort in the U.S. last year when he received an email from a mother who had trouble finding the phone number for the poison control hotline after her daughter accidentally ingested something potentially poisonous (fortunately, her daughter was fine).

Lifeline’s Acting CEO Angus Clelland said today, “Lifeline is always looking for innovative ways to help more people who are experiencing an emotional crisis.

Simply a very clever brilliant and welcome tool for the public.

If you are seeking help, please call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14.