Back from the Dead: KIN to make a comeback?

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The KIN. Developed by Microsoft in order to try to appeal with the youth market with a fancy website that stores your photos and messages, let you post on your social network and text. Hmm, about every other phone then? And it was the biggest flop of the year, getting axed just within months of the launch and its European launched cancelled.

But, according to new rumours, the KIN may be returning back from the abyss.

A leaked Verizon list of featured phones for Q4 reveals that the KIN One and KIN Two will come back again. The m-suffix on their names is something we don’t really know. They are not new models, as the features are the same as the phones at launch. At least it does not contain the i-prefix.

Most likely, the plan is simply just to clear out the leftover stock that Verizon were unsuccessful in giving it back to Redmond. Also, according to Electronista, the move to make them no longer smartphones but average phones makes them a bit cheaper as you don’t have to pay the $30 fee for smartphones.

Really, smartphones!?

But if you wished to get your hands on the KIN, well now here’s your chance. Unfortunately, for most of our readers, you won’t be able to, so there is always eBay to assist you.