Mac OS X Lion announced; has App Store, FaceTime

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Apple has just announced the next version of Mac OS X in Cupertino, titled ‘Lion’. The new version features revolve around Apple wanting to make Mac more like iPad. Apple has said that it should be coming in the Summer of 2011 (US).

A few of the highlights include an App Store, where you can ‘discover’ and buy Apps. Developers have a 70/30 share of revenue with Apple. Also the App Store has One-click downloads, Free & Paid apps, Automatic installation, Automatic app updates and the apps you buy can be used on all of your Macs. The Mac App Store is a standalone app and will be coming in 90 days to ‘your Mac’.

Also announced was Launchpad. This is similar to the iPad’s homescreen, so Apps you download from the App Store go to the Launchpad. You just click the Launchpad icon on the dock and a the homescreen will fade in. You can also arrange apps into folders, iOS 4 style.

There is also Full Screen support for these apps, which Apple says removes distractions and makes your Apps a more immersive experience.

And finally, they have made a FaceTime app for Mac, meaning iPod touch and iPhone 4 users can not only call each other, but their Mac-using friends. No word on a Windows port yet.

But these are just some highlights, so expect more news soon.

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