Thief steals laptop, backs up and returns data to victim

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A University Professor is considering himself extremely fortunate after a moment of laziness cost him much more than was saved by avoiding a trip up the stairs to his apartment.  The unnamed Professor at a Swedish University was on his way to the laundry room but could not be bothered making the trek up to his apartment to dump his backpack which contained his laptop, and instead decided that it would be safely hidden behind the stairwell door in the meantime.  Upon his return a few minutes later, the Professor found that his bag, including the computer, keys, calendar and other documents inside, was gone.

He immediately called the police from his apartment informing them of the situation as well as cancelling his credit cards.  On his return downstairs a short while later, he was both shocked and thrilled to rediscover his bag where he had left it.  “The backpack was there again. With all the papers, calendar and credit cards. It was just the computer that was missing,” recalled the Professor.  Now at this point, some of us may have been willing to accept our losses and just be glad to have some of the possessions back, mark it down as a learning experience not to leave our valuables in half-assed hiding spots and move on.  Yet this sympathetic thief had one more act of kindness left in him.  Using a USB stick found with the stolen laptop, the thief copied all of the Professors files and documents from his laptop and returned it, with the Professor finding it about a week later in an envelope in his mailbox.  “I am very happy,” he understandably exclaimed, continuing somewhat confusingly that “this story makes me feel hope for humanity.”

Now he’s hardly doing the work of Mother Teresa, but I suppose if you were to be stolen from, you would have to pick this oxymoronic conscientious thief to do the dirty work, or at least hope that other shady characters take note and decide to follow in his footsteps.

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