Everyone has #newtwitter, old design to be phased out

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Twitter Screenshot - HomeTwitter has announced that all of its users now have the redesigned Twitter interface, after four weeks of pain-staking waiting for many to try it out (or was that just me). In order to switch to the new design, you will see a blue bar at the top, and click on the “Try it now!” button.

The new interface provides an experience similar to Twitter clients, along with additional features such as seeing linked media files from providers such as yfrog, YouTube, Flickr, USTREAM and Twitpic.

While some question Twitter’s continued moves into its app-makers territories, and favouritism, the new experience is likely to keep people on using the social networking site.

While now you can switch between the two designs, Twitter will be phasing out the old design within the next few weeks. So, you better say your goodbyes now.