AOL looking to buy Yahoo, talking to private equity firms

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AOL is looking at a potential bid for rival Yahoo and is seeking assistance to fund the bid with several equity firms, according to the Wall Street Journal citing several people “familiar” with the talks.

Among the equity partners, Blackstone Group and Silver Lake Partners have expressed interest.

Both AOL and Yahoo have changed in the decade – turning from an ISP and search engine/directory to both content powerhouses – in particular, AOL, which has recently bought TechCrunch to bolster its technology news, and has several award winning journalists writing news and opinion on several sites, including Politics Daily. This is thanks to the acquisition of Weblogs Inc, in addition with their blogging platform.

This isn’t the first time that discussions of a deal between AOL and Yahoo has emerged.

The paper has provided two scenarios, as Yahoo has a 40 percent stake in Chinese-based Alibaba Group. One scenario sees several assets of Yahoo sold off to other companies, or AOL combining operations with Yahoo in a reverse merger.